HALL OF MIRRORS (2019-2020)

This series appears as a fictional, non-linear narrative where we witness a woman’s intense psychological moment.

Hall of Mirrors refers to the ambiguous world of a woman who seems to exist in a limbo between the real and the imaginary, seemingly absent and disconnected from reality because parallel to the world we see in the photographs there is another, an internal realm that exerts a strong influence on the character.

Carrying a loose narrative, the images leave room for subjective interpretation on the complex relationships we have with ourselves and the human condition. Like mirrors, they echo back to us that which dwells in the deepest, darkest recesses of our soul and reflect questions asked by the character about who we are, and who, perhaps we would really want to be.

Through a female gaze and the use of self portraiture Hall of Mirrors aims to examine preconceived notions of womanhood, their influence on our social identities and how we see and present ourselves in a society of ‘keeping up appearances’.

© Patricia Pettitt 2022
© Patricia Pettitt 2022