ECLIPSE (2022)

In astrology, the spiritual aspects of the moon represent our deep emotional tides. Astrologists believe an eclipse is a life-changing time to seek change and usher in evolution. During a lunar eclipse, your emotions and subconscious patterns will be revealed when the moon is covered in the earth's shadow.

In search of the intangible, Eclipse explores concepts related to identity, self-discovery and the female experience. It is about going within and allowing yourself to reflect in the dark, shadowy waters of your own heart and soul and delving into the pit of our selves in order to see what is true.

These dreamlike images and self-portraits are intimately connected to the subconscious, the character’s perception of self and her desire to be another - or perhaps to reconnect to her real self.

All images in Eclipse have been meticulously constructed as a mirror to the truth. They reflect an emotional truth. My emotional truth, presented through photographs that aim to create an ambiguous space in between where the viewer is invited to connect with the work through their own experiences, memories and emotions.

© Patricia Pettitt 2022
© Patricia Pettitt 2022